Rodd Sanchez Top Ten Health Tips

Top Ten better health Tips

These health tips are a collection of ideas and thoughts which i have used and suggested during the past years.



Laugh and smile regularlysmile and laugh

Reduce stress and pain through laughter Increase oxygen in body

Connect you to others in a common theme




Whole body: at least once a month, help improve muscle tightness and lymphatic system.

Self-massage : increase blood circulation to face (better complexion), hands and feet for activation of micro pressure points


Drink more waterdrink water


Hair , skin, joints and bones improvement

Improve bowel function


Sleep wellsleep well

Sleep to lose weight

Sleep to grow and repair

Around 6 to 8 per night


Daily Sun bathSun Bathing

Vitamin D increase

Early morning and Evening Only (slip slop slap)




Walking barefoot on grass or sand

Submerge in salt water



Exercise daily qi gong tai chi exercise

Daily stretching

Daily Qi gong or Daily Tai-Chi

Weights training

Walking: Walking with a purpose and a reason.


Eat wellfermented

Eat with the seasons

Eat to live , don’t live to eat

Seek for nutrition not calories

Eat like a king for breakfast, prince for launch like a pauper for dinner



Remove toxins from your lifedetox

Harsh cleaning chemicals

Contaminated hygiene and bathing products

Toxic relationships , jobs and or people

Do what you love and love what you do!


May yours days be filled with joy, love and peace