Why acupuncture is good prior to giving birth?

Pre-delivery acupuncture! Why acupuncture is good prior to giving birth?

Lately in the clinic, we have been helping ladies in their quest to become mothers with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Once pregnant, the female body undergoes some spectacular changes o adapt for the foetus to grow as well as preparing itself for the labour process. There are major physiological changes to hormone levels as well as physical changes. There can be a few hurdles in the initial stages of pregnancy with morning sickness, possible high blood pressure, carpal tunnel syndrome,, diabetes, lower back pain even itching. For the most part, mother nature will assist these mums. So, the question is, how can we assist your pregnancy with acupuncture? Well, let us investigate the last 5 weeks of the pregnancy and some of the positives reactions acupuncture provides.


  • Calms the body – the unknown can be very daunting for new and even second time around mums. The body and mind can be influenced with the stress of the birth or other stresses associated with the nesting process. The body can go into a sympathetic fight or flight response elevating cortisol levels, which at high levels, may hinder the body and delay possible contractions


  • Increases oxytocin – there are acupuncture points  throughout the body which have been used to increase oxytocin. This hormone is a feel good hormone that helps with contractions during labour and birth. It is also present during lovemaking and helps the bonding process with a mother and her baby.


  • Ripens and opens the cervix – this is important. Acupuncture helps to assist in softening and encouraging dilation of the cervix. This  helps to increase contractions and aid the foetus for a safe delivery. If the cervix is not soft, there can be a delay in delivery.


  • Keeping the fetus Calm –  at the end of the pregnancy there will be reduced amount of space and the the foetus will start to feel the walls closing in . Acupuncture can be a great treat to calm the mother and child 


It is truly a special gift for a newborn to come into the world and as such, we are offering a five-week acupuncture treatment program for the special price of $100 per week ($500 in total). This includes up to 3 sessions of acupuncture / moxibustion or massage (whichever is deemed appropriate at the time). This program may be claimed via health funds as well. To take advantage of this program, you must be more than 34 weeks pregnant and ready to be spoilt! Your body will thank you (and so will your bub).


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