The Correlation between TaiChi and Chinese Medicine

Often misinterpreted as a martial art in its general form, TaiChi is a widely practiced technique throughout the world. Tai Chi, however, is much more than random, disoriented punches and kicks. In addition to defense, TaiChi also has plenty of health benefits.

Read on to find out where TaiChi came from and how it is related to Traditional Chinese Medicine:

What is Tai Chi?

Contrary to popular belief, TaiChi is, in essence, rhythmic movements which are designed for strength and serenity. Dating back as far as nearly three millenniums, the movements involved in TaiChi use the entire body and are proven to enhance relaxation and peace. In addition to using hands-on healing techniques along the meridian lines of the human body, TaiChi is one of the most popular healing techniques derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine since it is much simpler.


How is Tai chi related to Traditional Chinese Medicine?

TaiChi has been derived from a more traditional and prominent discipline in Traditional Chinese Medicine known as Qigong. The flow of Qi, therefore, is one the most important concepts which Tai Chi is based on. When perfected, TaiChi is known to make use of the internal energy of the human body, resulting in subtle movements which are too quick to be noticed by the human eye.


The best part about Tai Chi is that the movements involved are gentle and organized enough to no damage the muscles. It has been proven by science that chemicals are produced for healing muscles whenever movement is done by the human body. Since muscles do not require any repair after TaiChi is practiced, these healing chemicals can be used to heal the rest of the body.

Benefits of Tai Chi

practice of Tai Chi Chuan in the park. Detail of hand positions

TaiChi has a variety of benefits which can be obtained by people of all ages because of the gentle nature of movements involved in the technique. Like most techniques derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine, TaiChi also works primarily on improving the overall balance and fitness level of the human body.

In addition to alleviating symptoms of depression and reducing general pain, Tai Chi can help lower blood pressure and improve heart health. People have also reported better moods, and decreased stress and anxiety. Inflammation within the body can also be eased through Tai Chi, leaving people with more flexibility and less falls.

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