Baby Turning Acupuncture Point with Moxa

Baby Turning Acupuncture Point with Moxibustion

Moxa and the action of moxibustion comes from the plant Artemisia vulgaris or Ai Ye.  It is a form of heat therapy with yang nourishing properties. Moxa can come in many different forms from loose punk (many grades in between), moxa cone and moxa stick, which come both traditional and smokeless types.

What you will need:

Moxa sticks (traditional or Smokeless)

Ashtray / cup

Cup of dry sand or salt to snuff / submerge the burning stick to extinguish Moxa when completed. DO NOT wet stick as it will change the properties and take forever to relight.


Moxibustion Session:

  1. Locate the “baby Turning point” (Zhiyin BL67). This can be found on the little toe> On the lateral / outside corner of toenail, as pictured


  1. Light Moxa stick with a gas flame – it may take a few minutes to light completely. You are only looking for the tip to be alight.


  1. Hold the glowing end of the Moxa stick as close as you can to Zhiyin point. There needs to be comfortable hot more than just warm.

baby turning point

  1. DO NOT burn the skin, NO direct contact with the skin. Should be hot but not burning


  1. Maintain the stick at this distance from the skin for advised time._______________min


  1. The stick will need to be tapped from time to time to ensure ash drops off.


  1. Always keep attentive to your actions as you may burn yourself


 Treatment Duration:

Each point should be heated this way for approx. 20 minutes for Breech or 15 mins for

Posterior/Transverse twice daily.

For ease of application people prefer to Moxa both sides simultaneously, please refer to photo below. There are many ways that you can be during sessions. From lying on your side supported with pillows or in a seated position with an assistant applying or preparing the moxa. Relaxation is an essential aspect of the treatment so nice tunes are in order. Repeat this procedure for up to 10 days (2x p/day) or until bubs position has corrected

Suggestions to Turning Your Baby:

Delegate. As much as you can. Tummy muscles to soften and relax. Rest with your hands on lower belly.

Use gravity –

Posterior: spend 5-10 minutes, 2-3 x per day on your hands & knees, doing movements that rock and roll the pelvis.

Breech: spend 20 minutes 2x per day on hands & knees, lower elbows & head to the floors that your pelvis is higher than your shoulders & relax with deep breathing in this position