Essential Oils to help relieve stress

Essential Oils to help relieve stressoil

Essential oils are natural oils extracted from a vast array of plants. These essential oils are used to assist and manage mild anxiety. Essential oils have been found to have a enormous effect on the mind, heart rate, and all other body systems. For centuries, many cultures have utilised essential oils for mild anxiety as to calm them down and help relieve stress.  The oils have aromatic particles that stimulate brain function and affect the regions that govern feelings, anxiety, stress, and panic.

Which Essential Oils to help relieve stress

The Practitioners of essential oils use varied and eclectic types of essential oils for various purposes. The following essential oils have been utilised for mild anxiety:

Lavender oil – Has a calming effect, help to restore the nervous system and assist people to remain at peace with themselves.

Rose flower oil –used to calm down anxious people because it helps the emotional heart to settle.

Ylang Ylang oil – is used for those who have mild depression and mild anxiety. It has both an uplifting and a calming effect.

Bergamot oil – has a floral taste and is commonly used to assist with mild depression, reduce agitation and induce relaxation.

Chamomile oil –Calming gentle scent and can be used to reduce irritability, mild anxiety, overthinking and worry.

Frankincense oil – it is commonly used to for anxiety and depression as it provides a calming effect and deepens meditation.



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