Acupuncture Fees / Price


acupuncture fees

Sylvania treatment room

Acupuncture fees/ prices as of 1st of nov 2018, will be as follows: Please note that our consultation fee and acupuncture fees do not include possible private health rebates: You will need to seek confirmation if your level of cover will apply. 

Acupuncture Fees 

With Dr Rodd Sanchez 

Initial Acupuncture and herbal consultation $125. An hour consult and treatment

Consecutive Acupuncture and herbal consultation $85: A 45 to 60 min treatment 

Cosmetic Acupuncture: A $150 (inclusive of herbal facial, facial massage) initial 

                                              B $110 (only acupuncture and massage ) followups 

Audrey Cortez and Vinko Kuzman 

Initial Acupuncture and herbal consultation $110.

An hour consult and treatment

•Consecutive Acupuncture and herbal consultation $85

A 45 to 60 min treatment > 

•Cosmetic Acupuncture: A $150 (inclusive of herbal facial, facial massage)

                                              B $110 (only acupuncture and massage )

•Gua Sha Facial $88

•Cupping / Gua Sha Sessions: $70

•Check Massage price for 1/2 or full hour. 

•Ear Candling: $60 (half hour, 2 ear candle included ) 

Laser acupuncture therapy $85 

•Auricular or Ear Acupuncture (including seeds) $85

Acupuncture Packages (prepaid) 

4 sessions $300

8 sessions $580

12 session $820

 Herbal Medicine Fee 

Sutherland Acupuncture clinic acupuncture fees

Sutherland Acupuncture clinic

•Initial herbal consultation $85

•Consecutive herbal consultation $45

Massage fee

•Remedial / Tui Na Massage / Gua Sha 

•$70 ½ hour 

•$110 1 hour

First Aid Training

•First Aid Training $150 private classes (less for groups) 

•CPR Training $65


As we set aside our time for your appointment, we have a 50% cancellation/ no show fee payable if we do not receive 24 hours notice for your cancellation or change your appointment (this will also apply to gift certificate bookings). We will always send you an SMS reminder 24 hrs prior to your appointment, to which you can reply confirm or cancel /reschedule.  
Alternately, if you can please let us know prior to this time if you need to change or cancel your booking so we can then offer this spot to another valued client.  
If you do not show up for your appointment, the same cancellation fee will apply.
We thank you for your understanding.



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