Audrey Cortez Acupuncture

Audrey Cortez Traditional Japanese Acupuncture

Audrey Cortez is an Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Practitiaudrey cortez fire moxibustiononer, graduating from the University of Technology, Sydney in 2011. As a committed practitioner, Audrey has been mentored by two masters in Japan, Masakazu Ikeda and Edward Obeidy (2012 & 2013) as well as Professor Huang Huang in Chinese Herbal Medicine (2014).


Audrey’s treatment style is gentle with emphasis on the comfort of the patient. Her techniques are from the classical times combined with modern knowledge utilising Chinese and Japanese acupuncture, moxibustion and Chinese herbs where needed. Her main focus is treating the patient and rather than only the disease/condition/problem. Audrey’s philosophical view is to treat the patient with the utmost care, compassion and empathy.


audrey cortz Moxibustion setAudrey treats all kinds of conditions whether acute or chronic with a focus on women’s health, in particular infertility and pregnancy, musculoskeletal dysfunction, and paediatric care.


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