Laser Needle Therapy

Needle laser therapy: Improved technology!

New to the Sydney Acupuncture clinic is the 3B Laser Needle system. The needle laser system can use up to 12 laser needles simultaneously on 12 acupuncture points. This is a high-tech instrument with red laser light (660 nm) is provided as a proven standard. The instruments can be individualized per the focus of therapy so that in addition to red laser light (660 nm). Can be control and monitor the LASER NEEDLE via the mobile touch screen, which communicates to the laser unit via radio frequency

How does the needle laser therapy work?

The LASER NEEDLE Therapy is classified as a low-level laser therapy, and is a painless and non-invasive treatment. Light particles (photons) with high excitation density are conducted to fine laser needles through optical fibers. These needles do not puncture the skin, but are placed on the therapy points, radiating with high precision into the tissue which requires treatment. Laser needles can be used simultaneously on point combinations on the body, head region or on the ears. These points combinations can be corresponding to traditional acupuncture points or segmented regions. Additionally, the laser beams stimulate complex healing processes in tissues (skin, tendon and muscles)

What can laser needle therapy achieve?

Just like acupuncture, LASER NEEDLE therapy has become increasing popular in the last few years. As the link between the insights of traditional Chinese medicine and western medical technique, it is an innovative and integrative approach in modern medicine. In this context, it is particularly rewarding that after more than an estimated 1 million individual LASER NEEDLE treatments no negative side effects have been reported. This is indicative of the safety and reliability of this technique.

Depending on the luminescence and site of application, the laser needles activate selected metabolic processes with the following effects:

  • Elevated cell proliferation, e.g. regeneration of bone and cartilage tissue
  • Improved ATP production
  • Reduction of inflammations and oedemas
  • Stimulation of wound healing processes
  • Increased peripheral and capillary blood supply
  • Improved key blood parameters such as immunological factors and oxygen saturation
  • Analgesic effect

Below we wish to introduce you to the most important application fields of LASER NEEDLE therapy.


Painless LASER NEEDLE therapy can be employed for nearly all acupuncture treatments because up to 12 acupuncture points can be simultaneously stimulated. Knee and back pains as well as headaches or migraines and allergies are the most common indications. The treatment times and the point selection criteria are equivalent to those of classical acupuncture.


In addition to pain relief, the regeneration of cartilage and bone tissues is a main focus of treatment. This provides new opportunities for reducing pain medications and side effects,  and to avoid expensive and high-risk operations. Depending on the disease and its chronicity, different numbers of individual treatments are required (5 – 30). Tendinoses, Chondropathies, Aseptic osteonecroses, Oedemas, Fractures, Rheumatic joint diseases


A special dermatological adapter is available for clinically optimum treatment of dermatological diseases. This special 3B Dermatology Spot can be variably equipped with either red, blue or infrared laser needles. Particularly good results are achieved with the 3B LASER NEEDLE for:  Wound healing disorders, Neurodermitis, Common acne, Herpes, Age spots