Bioptron Beauty Therapy

Bioptron beauty therapy

Why Is Bioptron So Beneficial For Beauty Therapy?

BIOPTRON Light works on a cellular level in the body, particularly on the cell membrane. When the BIOPTRON device is held over the skin’s surface, energy from the emitted light penetrates the underlying tissues. This produces a biological response, called photo-biostimulation, which initiates certain biologically regulative changes in the cell. This leads to a chain reaction of events, the clinical importance of which is fundamental to skin care.Immune System

Some noted effects important to skin health are:

• Support for collagen synthesis
• Improved circulation in small blood vessels (microcirculation)
• Stimulation of reparative tissue regeneration
• Improved flow of nutrients to the skin
• Improved elimination of extra-cellular bacteria
• Improved cell oxygenation

Bioptron For Advanced Cosmetic-therapeutic Treatments

The application of BIOPTRON Light Therapy results in a smoother feeling skin which takes on a healthier appearance, noticeable even from the first treatments. It rapidly improves microcirculation and cell oxygenation, whilst enhancing the production of new collagen fibre in skin tissue which will help to restore skin tightness and elasticity. Thus, BIOPTRON can refine existing wrinkles and prevent premature formation of new ones.

BIOPTRON does not completely substitute cosmetic preparations and creams but serves to significantly supplement and enhance their effects. Using the BIOPTRON light prior to applying cosmetic preparations on the skin results in improved absorption of the active substances contained in these cosmetics. The natural benefits of BIOPTRON Light Therapy on the skin, combined with improved active-ingredient skin absorption can provide noticeably dynamic results in a shorter time frame than ever before experienced.

Bioptron Applications In Beauty Therapy / Skin Care

The BIOPTRON Light Therapy device is currently used by beauty therapists

It is used for the following applications in the field of skin care :

• Wrinkles, fine lines
• Coarse-pored skin
• Energy depleted skin
• Acne and residual acne scars
• Herpes skin infections (cold sores, etc)
• Cellulite
• Scars and stretch marks
• Hair problems