Traditional Chinese Medicine Sydney

Support Your Health Needs with Traditional Chinese Medicine in Sydney

Our staff use traditional Chinese medicine at our Sydney clinic to offer complementary and alternative therapies that may assist you with your health. We provide a wide range of services including acupuncture, cupping, oriental body works, Chinese herbal medicine and more. Our Sydney practice is situated in two convenient locations.

What Sets Rodd Sanchez Sydney Acupuncture Apart Regarding a Chinese Herbalist in Sydney

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in traditional Chinese medical practices.

  • More than two decades of experience: Our owner and operator, Rodd Sanchez, has more than 20-years of experience in the health industry. He has worked as a nurse and acupuncturist in Sydney and received extensive training in China and Australia. Rodd is a registered and accredited Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine practitioner in Australia.
  • Various Chinese medical services available: We have a wide range of services that offer our clients alternative medical remedies. Our services include light therapy, acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture, cupping, supplementation and more and are performed by our caring and friendly staff.
  • Professional Chiropractors available: We have a team of experienced and skilled staff available, including two professional Chiropractors. Our Chiropractors can help to manage chronic and acute musculoskeletal conditions through hands-on therapy and stretching exercises.

We can help you discover the ideal complementary program to manage your health needs.

Problems Chinese Medicine at Our Sydney Clinic Addresses

We work alongside modern medical care and cater our services to our clients. Our acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in Sydney may help with:

  • Reducing inflammation: Traditional Chinese medicine may help to reduce inflammation in your body and therefore prevent other subsequent problems. Herbal therapy can help to restore balance in your body and build immunity to assist you in the fight against colds, sinus problems, gut issues and more. Our alternative medicine may help you to find relief from the side effects of prescription medication such as nausea and fatigue.
  • Relieving stress: Our experienced and friendly staff can help you to manage your cognitive health through our various services. For example, you can get acupuncture to help with stress. Our skilled and experienced acupuncturist will insert fine needles into trigger points on your body that are typically associated with stress and anxiety. We ensure that we treat every client as an individual and will give a tailored acupuncture service after taking your full health history.
  • Improving the quality of sleep: Traditional Chinese medicine can be used to help improve your quality of sleep by considering the balance of energy (or Qi) flowing through your organs. Insomnia is often associated with poor circulation, over-taxation, irregular diet, anger and worry, which we can help manage with our services and herbal medicine.

Our professional staff will help to manage your health after a comprehensive consultation.

Why is Rodd Sanchez Sydney Acupuncture Cost-Effective?

Our clinics have been well established for more than 15-years, and we offer a variety of traditional Chinese medicine therapies. Our staff are experienced and skilled in their respective health areas and provide empathetic and professional care to every client. We offer alternative medical care to complement modern medicine and may help make it less likely to need expensive and invasive procedures. Contact us today to discuss how our services can benefit you.