Vinko Kuzman : Acupuncture and Bioptron Light Therapist

vinko kuzman

Vinko Kuzman Acupuncture and Light therapy

Vinko Kuzman Acupuncture and Light therapy practitioner Sydney

Vinko Kuzman is a Registered Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner, utilising Acupuncture, Guasha, Cupping Chinese herbal medicine and Bioptron light therapy in Sydney. Vinko’s practice is based on treatment recommendations recorded through the long Chinese medical history as well as the present day peer-reviewed medical journals. Vinko Kuzman has practiced under the guidance of renowned practitioners of Chinese medicine and Acupuncture in Sydney, such as Richard Gu, Bill Fung, Rodd Sanchez and  David White.


Vinko often combines traditional and contemporary techniques and modalities in his Acupuncture and light therapy Sydney clinic to provide relief from symptoms of many health concerns including chronic and acute pain, work and life-related stress, digestive problems, allergies, anxiety and hypertension.



Vinko passion for using BIOPTRON ’Light therapy” in Sydney become realised soon after his severe motorcycle accident. There was an immediate relief in pain and nerve sensation in addition to the rapid closure of wounds and healing of the damaged areas, sparked the long term interest in this therapy. The subsequent research and study resulted in a unique treatment protocol, which basically combines the essence of Chinese and western traditional thoughts and ideas


Traditional Chinese motto, “use what works” and the Hippocratic “Light is Life”.


In his treatments, for skin rejuvenation and scar healing, modalities like Acupuncture and Guasha have skilfully combined with the use of the BIOPTRON “light therapy” medical device, in order to initiate a quick cascade of regulative changes in the body that leads to effective healing.

If you are just looking for support and advice in well-being, diet or healthy aging, then Vinko Kuzman can provide you with appropriate lifestyle and natural medicine advice.



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